Sons of Sylvia, the trio of brothers comprised of Ashley, Adam and Austin Clark, are currently enjoying the gig of a lifetime, opening up for new bride Carrie Underwood on her Play On tour. But the guys, who seemed to come from obscurity to get the coveted role most artists only dream of, admit it's still a bit shocking to them as well.

"She invited us by a phone call," Ashley recalls (quote via CMTT). "She called us and asked us if we wanted to open up for her, and I was like, 'Um, let me check my schedule ... Of course we want to open up for you!'"

Ashley had previously played fiddle for Carrie on her first tour in 2006, but says he still gets a bit starstruck every time they share a stage with the multiple-Grammy winner. "We just had an album come out in April," Ashley reflects. "We played 'American Idol' opening up for her. And that's where we are now. I'm hanging on. I'm just like, 'Where else is this thing going to go? I don't know."

With the tour extended until December, the guys will have plenty of time to figure out their next career move. But chances are they'll have a loyal fan base wherever they go. "It's been really, truly amazing," Ashley tells The Boot. "After we get done playing, people will line up to get autographs and girls are crying and screaming ... and the lines are so long, they sometimes have to cut them off! I think that's another reason I'm glad we're doing this now and didn't have this a few years back, because I think if it happened before, we would've gone crazy. I think now, we feel like we can handle it."

The Play On tour will end in Alberta, Canada, on December 19. Find tour dates here.

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