You can find Carrie Underwood touring all over the world with her groundbreaking country music, but two places you won't find her: Facebook and Twitter.

Asked by ABC's 'Good Morning America' host Robin Roberts why she is one of the few celebrities who shun social networking sites, Carrie answered that those kind of outlets just aren't for her. "We have a fan club site that I'll blog or answer questions on," Carrie explained. "It's kind of a one-way for people to get their information from. I've seen stuff I've said on my blog be picked up by other venues, so anything I say on there will get out."

The former 'American Idol' champ acknowledges that social networking sites are useful tools for some celebrities, but she doesn't find them vital to her career. "I personally don't find it that necessary for me," she added. "I am technologically -- I don't want to say challenged, because I can do all the basics, but I'm not into it. And some people are into it and they have fun with it and that's awesome. I'm glad people can find some happy by telling people what they had for lunch."

The newlywed also explained that it's for her own protection that she keeps her thoughts to herself. "It's just best not to. I know a lot of people who get themselves in trouble with things they write on Twitter and that would be me," she admitted. "If I get upset about something and I'm like, 'I'm gonna blog about this,' it will take me awhile to get to my computer and log on and by the time I get on there, the steam is gone. Twitter and Facebook and those things, if you're mad or you're crazy at the moment, or I've seen people intoxicated twittering, it's too immediate. There's no time to cool off and think about what you're going to say before you say it. I'd get in trouble."

The five-time Grammy winner is on the final leg of her Play On tour, with Billy Currington and Sons of Sylvia serving as her opening acts. While she is enjoying all the bells and whistles that come with a successful tour, she says she also looks forward to doing more intimate performances. "As far as touring goes, the bright lights versus nothing, I feel like that kind of thing will always continue to vary from album to album," Carrie tells The Boot. "After the whole [ACM] Entertainer of the Year win, I felt like it was time to kind of have more 'wow' moments in the show. I might follow that up next year with an acoustic tour. That would be just about my favorite thing. There's so many moments in the show right now that I absolutely love, [and] I've never done before. They're so exciting because they're so new for me, but my love is singing, and I could stand in front of a microphone and just do that all day long and be so happy with that. So, I think that will go back and forth and just find new ways to keep things interesting for me and the fans."

Up for two trophies at the 44th Annual CMA Awards November 10, where she will perform double-duty as performer and co-host (alongside Brad Paisley), Carrie will continue to play across the U.S. and Canada, before her tour wraps up December 19 in Alberta, Canada. Find her tour dates here.

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