Shooter Jennings has delivered the third installment of a four-part film that accompanies his newest studio album, 'The Other Life.' The video for his newest single, 'Wild and Lonesome' (feat. Patty Griffin) is a moody piece of cinema that takes fans on an edgy ride.

The storyline for 'The Other Life' film takes the singer on a dark journey from family man to gunslinger. This clip interweaves images of a Cadillac, men in strange masks, and a cemetery that all work together to underscore the moody tone of the song. The new album, which was released in March, contains some of the darkest and most introspective lyrics Jennings has ever written.

It's the flip side of Jennings' last offering, 'Family Man.' "The record deals with the darker side, while 'Family Man' was pretty positive," Jennings told The Boot in March. "Not that 'The Other Side' is negative, but it’s a more realistic representation of the other side of me. I’m 33, figuring life out, and there is a lot of light and dark going back and forth. This record encapsulates that, accepting oneself and the helter-skelter of life.”

The full film version of 'The Other Life' will be released on limited edition purple VHS tape on Sept. 1.

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