Shooter Jennings has always been a bit of an outlaw like his dad Waylon Jennings, and now he fears that the outlaw gene may be catching up to him -- at least as far as his feelings about radio is concerned. The singer admits his outspokenness about radio may have cost him some airplay, but says he probably hurt his chances long before he even opened his mouth.

"I don't know what the deal is," Shooter tells the Houston Press. "Too much heredity. I'm not selling them down the river, saying this is the worst establishment on the planet, but at the same time, it kind of is, and the songs that make it, the state of it all, it's pretty bad. So maybe I've hurt my chances. I'm not lying, and everybody knows the fact is that what is going on on the radio is pretty much BS. It's a tough gamut in rock and country. Country's in a horrible place, because there's this whole side of country that always rears its ugly pop head every five years and perpetuates the state of it staying in a sh---y place all the time."

"Rock is just as bad," Shooter continues. "I think it fixes itself in a way, in the cycles that we see. What kind of happens with radio and music and everything is that it kind of finds its new niches. We're in this period of time that's really good for art, but it's not very good for commerce."

Shooter also recalls a favorite childhood memory -- watching scary movies with his dad. "When I was a little kid, they'd put me to bed and later at night he'd be like, 'Hey, 'Frankenstein' is on TV. You want to come downstairs and watch it?' I'd go downstairs and get the s--- scared out of me. I'd run back upstairs, shivering. That was one of the fonder memories. There were a lot of things that we did, but we always used to like to watch scary movies together."

Shooter's latest musical project 'Black Ribbons' features something a little scary -- noted horror author Stephen King.

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