Sawyer Brown celebrate 30 years in the music industry with the release of the appropriately-titled 'Travelin' Band,' the powerhouse group's first studio album in more than six years.

"We've been working on this album so long that they were still called albums when we started working on it," jokes lead singer Mark Miller about the shifting climate of the music industry. The singer also claims producer credit on the 11-song collection, which features the lead single, 'Smokin' Hot Wife.'

"We've been blessed to be making records for about 26 years now," says Mark of the band that first gained fame (and the grand prize) on TV's 'Star Search' in 1983. "The great thing about taking some time between the last CD and this one is that it gave us more time to write and to listen to a lot great songs from our songwriting buddies. As we've found out over the years, there's no better place to try out new songs than on the road -- and we've never been shy about going on the road!"

Physical copies of 'Travelin' Band' are available exclusively through the band's official website and at their live shows, with digital copies available at all retailers shortly. Known best for their electrifying stage show, Sawyer Brown are currently on the road in promotion for the album. Click here for tour information.

'Travelin' Band' Track Listing

1. 'Ain't Goin Out That Way'

2. 'Smokin' Hot Wife'

3. 'Walk out of the Rain'

4. 'Travelin' Band'

5. 'Come Along'

6. 'New Set of Tires'

7. 'Closer to Me'

8. 'Cool Night'

9. 'Deliver Me'

10. 'Y'all Ready'

11. 'Runaway Heart'