For her new video for 'Something to Do With Your Hands,' Sarah Darling tapped TNA Wrestling champion AJ Styles to play the object of her affections.

"He was the perfect call. He's this muscular guy, but not too big, and he was just this perfect guy," Sarah tells The Boot. "I like the fact that I go around the house breaking everything, just to have the attention and have him come and fix it. I had so much fun making it. I love the retro feel."

In beginning of the video, she is seen cutting up lemons, a scene which required nearly 20 takes to perfect. Finding her way around a cutting board is something the former video actress ('Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off,' 'Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy') knows all about from previous job experience.

"It can definitely dry out your hands," says Sarah. "What's even funnier is that I used to work at this restaurant in Nashvillle where my job for about five years was cutting lemons, and the video was a flashback to my lemon-cutting days. If you ever see my hands, they look like I've cut a thousand lemons."

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"Later this month, we're going to go to a live taping of TNA Wrestling, and I will actually be there and tied into the story line," Sarah continues. "It's neat that the wrestling world has really grasped this video and wants to pollenate our fans. It's a new experience for me. I don't know how it's going to pan out, but they've really embraced me. AJ's fans now follow me on Twitter."

Sarah co-wrote 'Something to Do With Your Hands' with Jason Deere, and she feels people are already getting hooked by the tune's catchy melody. "This song is so infectious, and literally I don't know who hasn't listened to it and all of a sudden they're singing, 'Oh, Oh, Oh' and the fingersnaps and everything," she says. "It was just a no-brainer as far as the first single. Ladies like it and so do men. Every woman wants attention and every guy wants their woman to want them."

"I had this writers' retreat, and we all went up to the Adiorondack Mountains and stayed in this log cabin -- no internet or cell service," Sarah recalls. "One morning I woke up and I was scheduled to write with Jason ... and he said, 'I have this idea about 'Something to Do With Your Hands.' I was thinking, 'Well, it sounds kind of dirty, but alright,' and we made it cute."

'Something to Do With Your Hands' is from Sarah's new double-disc album, 'Angels and Devils,' which arrived in stores this week. "The entire album is kind of 'Sarah Darling 2.0.' It's just a whole different side," Sarah says of the new project. "For people who have never gotten to see what I do, there's a side of me that we captured on this record. You get one disc full of these songs that I've written that are produced and that are totally me, and the other disc is more acoustic-based that people don't really get to see very often and isn't really released much any more. It's just this side that's really raw and uncut, and it's a cool side to me, I believe."

Sarah's sophomore effort includes a couple of first-rate covers, such as U2's 1987 anthem 'With or Without You' and Elton John's 1976 classic, 'Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word.' "The first record was about heartbreak and about one particular situation. What's cool about this new album is it's so universal and will reach more people," Sarah notes. "The things that I'm writing about are more broad about what I want in my life and where I'm going. It has a lot more character to this record that I didn't have on the first record. I feel fans will know who I am from this record."

Sarah makes her long-anticipated debut on the Grand Ole Opry on February 26. Her performance will feature Vince Gill, who sings harmony on the song 'Bad Habit,' featured on the new album.

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