Sarah Darling is gaining a whole new set of fans, thanks to her appearance on the new hit TV show, 'Rising Star.' The songstress, who left her label, Black River Entertainment, last year, says she never lost hope that she'd find a way to pursue her musical dreams, thanks to her strong spiritual life.

“To me, faith is like the rock that kind of binds all of it together," Darling tells WHOAwomen magazine. "I think that if I did not have my faith in Christ, I could not do this career or have the patience of perseverance to go along with it. Faith keeps me in the right place and everything in perspective.”

The Iowa native says she has learned that everything really does work out for the best, even the things that seem painful at the time.

“I ended up dating this bad boy, wrote a ton of songs about this relationship," she recalls. "At the time I was wondering why on earth God put me in this tumultuous part of my life. But you know that it is true about being shaken up -- sometimes it just stresses to you to do amazing things. After writing all of these songs, I started playing them out live and had no idea that they were even good … I just did my thing and I got signed to a label in Nashville pretty quickly after three years of being here and after singing my songs out.”

Darling earned an astonishing 89% of positive votes on 'Rising Star,' and even impressed judge Brad Paisley, who jumped out of his seat for her rendition of Kacey Musgraves' 'Merry Go 'Round.'

“What a rush,” Darling says of the experience. “It’s truly an amazing opportunity and I’m so grateful for all the support. Now I can’t wait to show the experts and America what I can do!”

In addition to preparing for her next appearance on 'Rising Star,' Darling is also trying her hand at a new business venture, making French pastries, and is also launching a new boot line in partnership with Durango Footwear.

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