Sara Evans is back at radio. The singer has released the debut single, 'Slow Me Down,' from her upcoming album.

"I knew, as I've known with other songs that I've written and recorded, that 'Slow Me Down' was me," Evans explains. "I love songs that evoke emotion -- it really is what connects people to the music. When we went into the studio to record ['Slow Me Down'] my main goal was to capture the desperation and passion in the song -- to strike a balance between a strong vocal and the emotion that would pull in the listener."

The multi-platinum-selling singer, whose last album, 'Stronger' was released in 2011, says she enjoys her time in the studio as much as she does performing for her fans. “I love that process,” she tells The Boot. “It’s so much fun. I love being in the studio. I love just the whole creative aspect of knowing what the song is when you’re going in, but you really have no idea how it’s going to turn out in the end. It’s great.”

Evans will spend much of the remainder of the year on the road, including a series of shows in Australia later this month. See all of her upcoming shows here.

'Slow Me Down' will officially hit radio on Sept. 23, but fans can purchase the single here.