The Boot has your exclusive first look at the cover art and track list for Ronnie Dunn's self-titled album, which hits shelves June 7. The project is Ronnie's first solo music in 25 years and comes less than a year after his amicable split from musical partner Kix Brooks.

Ronnie wrote or co-wrote nine of the album's 12 tracks, with a who's-who list of famed co-writers including Craig Wiseman, Dallas Davidson, Terry McBride and Bobby Pinson.

'Bleed Red,' the album's first single, is already in the Top 15 on the country charts. It's one of the few on the CD that Ronnie did not have a hand in writing. "This song picked me," he tells The Boot. "I had the record, it was finished. I was good to go."

All that changed after a friend emailed the singer. "I thought I was headed to the honky-tonks and beer joints to kick out a few lights, and it drops out of the sky at the last moment," he continues. "I'm thinking, 'Just for the sake of some silly competition, I've got to beat [U2's] Bono to the punch,' because he has that big Red campaign going on. [laughs] A lot of crazy things went through my mind. But lo and behold, this is the single they picked to come out first."

Watch an exclusive video of Ronnie talking about 'Bleed Red' below.

Ronnie is currently on the road, with his next tour stop April 30 in Live Oak, Fla. Get his concert and ticket information here.

'Ronnie Dunn' Track List:

1. 'Singer in a Cowboy Band' -- Ronnie Dunn/Craig Wiseman

2. 'I Don't Dance' -- Ronnie Dunn/David Lee Murphy/Craig Wiseman

3. 'Your Kind of Love' -- Maile Misajon/Jeremy Stover

4. 'How Far to Waco' -- Ronnie Dunn/Terry McBride

5. 'Once' -- Jamie Floyd/Philip LaRue/Peter Sallis

6. 'Cost of Livin'' -- Phillip Coleman/Ronnie Dunn

7. 'Bleed Red' -- Andrew Dorff/Tommy Lee James

8. 'Last Love I'm Tryin'' -- Ronnie Dunn

9. 'Let the Cowboy Rock' -- Ronnie Dunn/Dallas Davidson

10. 'I Can't Help Myself' -- Ronnie Dunn/Terry McBride

11. 'I Just Get Lonely' -- Ronnie Dunn

12. 'Love Owes Me One' -- Ronnie Dunn/Terry McBride/Bobby Pinson