Randy Montana is kicking off the New Year in a big way, landing in Southern Living magazine's annual 'Best of the South' issue as one of the magazine's top five Southern artists to watch in 2011. The singer-songwriter also has a brand new single and video, '1000 Faces,' out this week and is releasing a special three-song EP.

The package features the single as well as 'Assembly Line' and 'Last Horse,' which was co-written by Randy, his dad Billy, and Rodney Clawson, and features harmonies by Emmylou Harris. Randy admits he's learned plenty about songwriting from watching his dad, a top writer whose credits include Garth Brooks' 'More Than A Memory,' Sara Evans' 'Suds In The Bucket' and Jo Dee Messina's 'Bring on the Rain' during his long, illustrious career.

"My mom and dad have both been great in just being really hands off and letting me try something," Randy tells The Boot. "If I want to do something, they're just like, 'go out and do it,' and never really looking over my shoulder or pushing me to do things. It was definitely my decision to pursue this business, and whenever I need advice, I can always go to my dad. He's the voice of reason, whose been through all this stuff, and that helps me have an understanding of what all goes into this to make it happen."

Randy got a front row seat to the challenges of the business growing up, since his dad had an artist deal himself back in the late '80s. "He had three little kids when he was trying to make it as an artist, and what a strain on a family and a relationship," Randy says. "To make a living writing songs, it's unbelievable that he's able to do that. And I really have learned so much from him. We started writing together when I got a publishing deal, and there are three or four songs on my album that we wrote together that I'm really proud of."

Watch the music video for Randy's new single, '1000 Faces,' below.

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