What do you get when you put Randy Houser and Toby Keith together? Creative freedom. Randy was signed to Universal Records South, before the label merged with Toby Keith's Show Dog Records last December. Now on Show Dog-Universal Records, Randy released his label-debut 'They Call Me Cadillac' in September, which took on a different process with the unique label head.

"With Toby being the CEO, he's definitely about an artist being as creative as they want to be," Randy tells The Boot. "He'll let you do what you want to do. I actually started making this record before I went over to his label, so I was just taking the creative freedom that I wanted. I don't think they were very worried about it. They were just letting me do what I do. I think they understand that I am an artist and I have to do what I feel. That label knows that I will work harder for something that I truly, truly believe in than not."

With his own career to focus on, record exec Toby doesn't get to spend a lot of time with the artists on his roster. "I have hung out with him a little bit, he's busy, though," Randy admits. "He's touring constantly. We've visited a couple of times but we're in different parts of the world all of the time."

Randy also had the opportunity to spend the fall on the road with Gary Allan and Jerrod Niemann, two more talented musicians. "It's been great, Jerrod and I have been really, really good friends for almost 10 years," Randy explains. "That's really comfortable out there. and Gary has just been awesome with Jerrod and I. He pretty much opens the door for anything we need. He makes sure we get whatever we want as far as the stage and the lights and stuff like that. He's real cool. He's not just all about Gary Allan, he wants everyone to have a good time. And we have."

Jerrod and Randy are both known for their songwriting skills, but they weren't able to carve out time to write together on the road. "Everybody's been busy," Randy says. "I'll bring people out and write. Jerrod and I, he's busy doing radio and I'm doing radio and we didn't a chance to sit down and right."

As we head into 2011, Randy definitely has an eye on new music. "There are a couple of songs on the new album that I think would be great singles," Randy admits. "There's a song on there called, 'They Call Me Cadillac,' which is the title of the album, that could be a single. There's another song on there, one of my favorites, called 'Here With Me' and we did a radio edit of that just to hear what it would sound like and I really love it. I think it's a big ole hit."

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