Phil VassarAnyone who's been to the circus knows you can expect a surprise or two. And fans of Phil Vassar, whose upcoming album is titled 'Traveling Circus' have a great surprise in store. The album, originally slated for a February 2010 release, is getting the jump on the holiday season and will be out Dec. 15.

Produced by the singer-songwriter himself, Phil's road band plays on the record. And his friend -- and high school art teacher -- Jason Erwin painted the 'Traveling Circus' album art. Phil co-wrote all of the tracks, including one, 'I Will Remember You,' with Kenny Chesney.

"My life has been one big traveling circus for many years and just felt like this is a perfect title for the release," says Phil, whose last studio album, 'Prayer of a Common Man,' was released in 2008. "I have been all over the country performing and wouldn't want my life to be any other way. This record is, as all have been, a very personal and cathartic experience. I am hoping that this year's stockings get filled with this record."

Phil has also been working in association with Red Roof Inn to benefit Feeding America during this holiday season. His current single from the new album, 'Everywhere I Go,' is climbing the charts.

'Traveling Circus' Track Listing:

'Everywhere I Go'

'John Wayne'

'Tequila Town'

'Bobbi With An I'
'She's on Her Way'
'A Year from Now'

'Save Tonight for Me'
'I Will Remember You'

'Where Have All The Pianos Gone'