Grab a tissue before watching the music video for Pat Green's new single, "While I Was Away."

The song was recorded by Green, who spends much of his time on the road, as a personal message to his wife, Kori, and children, Kellis and Rainey. In the clip, Green cites the average number of days that various industries require their employees to be away from home, including 209 days a year for flight attendants, 180 days a year for touring musicians (like Green) and 270 days a year for those in the military. The numbers and real images flash across the screen while Green sings, "For every dollar I earned, there's a lesson you learned without me there / For every day I'm on the go, I'm praying that you know that your Daddy cares / 'Cause the hardest part about working hard ain't the bills I gotta pay / It's you growing up while I was away."

The song struck a chord with Green, who has experienced firsthand many of its lyrics.

"This song is personal for anyone that has kids," Green tells People. "To tell the truth, I got misty thinking of my kids when I first heard it -- that's when I knew I needed to record it."

The Texan wanted to make sure he honored everyone who tries to do what is best for their own children.

"This video is special because it reminds us that everyone has a common bond: love for our children," Green notes, "as well as the feeling that our 'kids being kids' goes by way too fast."

There is no word on if "While I Was Away" will appear on Green's new album, which he revealed was finished last year.

“What we have ready is a great album,” he says. “Creatively speaking, having a new group of faces caused me to dig deeper instead of being comfortable with the old bag of tricks. This time, I got into the studio with my band, and I felt that everyone really stretched out and worked really well together. I’m a great fan of collaboration, especially when it’s such a high caliber of talent involved.”

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