Pat Green has a new album ready to be released -- he just hasn't decided how he is going to get it in the hands of his fans. The Texan has been on several labels, including Universal Republic, BNA and, most recently, Sugar Hill Records, as well as released some of his records independently, and he says he still isn't sure what he'll do with his latest set of tunes.

But one thing is certain, he says. Regardless of whether he finds a label home or releases it on his own, he has already learned that he can't please everyone.

"I've been getting crap from just about anybody, from every dimension -- whether I'm making a record independently or for a record company, which is when people say I've sold out," Green tells Rolling Stone Country. "But I've never made a record that I wasn't totally invested in and that I didn't like the sound. When you make records with big producers or big record labels, those records are really bombastic -- that's just the way they are going to sound."

For his new record, tentatively titled 'Home,' Green used his own band, instead of relying on studio musicians.

"What we have ready is a great album," he tells the Dallas Observer. "Creatively speaking, having a new group of faces caused me to dig deeper instead of being comfortable with the old bag of tricks. This time, I got into the studio with my band, and I felt that everyone really stretched out and worked really well together. I'm a great fan of collaboration, especially when it's such a high caliber of talent involved."

Green has already released a new song from the album, a duet with Lyle Lovett called 'Girls From Texas.'

"Lyle is just great in it," he boasts. "It was my first time in a studio with him, so that was a real treat. He's such a fun guy and such a talented musician."

The 42-year-old also teams up with Sheryl Crow on the song 'Right Now.'

"I wrote that with Chris Stapleton," Green recalls. "I told him the story about my wife back when we were dating in college. I broke up with her on Valentine's Day. I'm the first one to say that I've made my mistakes in life! ... Sheryl came in and captured such a beautiful side to 'Right Now' on a harmony level. She took it from a good song to an 'oh my God.'"

The singer-songwriter says that, regardless of how he shares this new record with his loyal fans, whether it's on a major label or a grassroots effort, who he is as an artist hasn't changed.

"I'm still the same guy," Green maintains. "I'm still writing most of the songs, still putting things together in an arrangement that I like ... I'm proud of this one. It feels organic."

Download 'Girls From Texas' here.