Old Dominion have debuted a nostalgic music video for their latest single, “Song for Another Time.”

The "Song for Another Time" video features plenty of visual throwbacks to days gone by -- think a needle finding the groove on a record and the sound of a dial-up connection -- juxtaposed with the band members’ old home videos and footage from when Old Dominion first got their start, to fully complete the vintage feel. It's a fitting treatment for the song, the lyrics of which borrow titles from classic George Strait, Van Morrison and Tom Petty songs, among others.

“Let’s sing "Brown-Eyed Girl," "Sweet Caroline" / "Free Fallin’," "Small Town Saturday Night" / Before you lose that lovin’ feeling / Let’s go dancin' on the ceiling,” sings lead vocalist Matthew Ramsey in the song's chorus. "Keep on living that teenage dream / Paradise city where the grass is green / Pretty soon I'll be so lonesome I could cry / But that's a song for another time."

“Song for Another Time” is the third single from Meat and Candy, Old Dominion's critically acclaimed full-length debut album, released last November.

"When we were writing this song -- it was all about seeing the end of the road ahead. It was about two people realizing their love isn't going to be enough and the need to hold on to those last few moments,” explains Ramsey in a statement. “We felt like it would add much more weight to the story if we told it using the titles of songs that are timeless somehow. But when it came time to make the video, we realized we had an opportunity to show people a little of our history as a band.”

Readers can scope out the "Song for Another Time" video above -- and try to catch all of the song references!