Old Dominion have selected their new song "Snapback" as their next single from their new Meat and Candy album.

With lines like, "Those stars need to be wished on / Your skin needs to be kissed on / My eyes, baby, they're fixed on you and your snapback / T-shirt and your favorite rock band / Checking your makeup in my Ray-Bans / Breaking hearts like only you can / In your snapback," the band says that the fun, sing-a-long, feel-good song is only part of the material that makes up their eclectic new album.

"There’s lots of songs on there that are fun, sing-a-long, catchy songs, and then there are others that have a bit more meat to it," band member Whit Sellers tells The Boot.

Old Dominion spent part of the year opening up for Kenny Chesney on his 2015 The Big Revival Tour and will reunite with Chesney next year for another tour, which will also feature Miranda Lambert as a co-headliner.

“Old Dominion had a tough job this summer, and they got it done,” Chesney boasts. “They’re hit songwriters, but they’re also guys who’ve played in a lot of clubs — and know how to connect with people. I mean, not only are their songs solid, they’re great guys.”

Says band member Geoff Sprung of getting invited to tour with Chesney, "At first we thought it was a joke. They were like, ‘You guys made it. Kenny wants you on the tour,’ and we were like, ‘Yeah, whatever.’ And they were like, ‘No, we’re serious.'"

Meat and Candy is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Listen to Old Dominion, "Snapback":

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