Old Dominion released their self-titled debut EP last year. The project, which includes the singles "Shut Me Up" and "Break Up With Him," features the five-man band on the cover, in a boat, rowing on stormy waters. The picture may seem a little goofy, but lead singer Matthew Ramsey says it fits the group perfectly.

"That was a long day of shooting with a great photographer, David McClister," Ramsey tells The Boot. "We were doing a lot of standard band photo stuff, which came out great, and we've used a lot of those, but toward the end of the day, we found a case of beer in a refrigerator and had a few and were laughing it up a little bit.

"It was the last little area that we were going to shoot in. We saw that boat, there was a oar sitting over there, and we were just goofing off, and we all just jumped in it, and spur of the moment, we just did that," he explains. "There was never a plan to do that; we just did it, and the photographer was probably like, 'Okay, whatever. I'll appease these guys, let them act like fools for a minutes, and we'll shoot a couple pictures and move on,' which we did. He shot two or three pictures, and then we moved back to the serious band stuff, and it ended up being the one that we loved because it just showed our personality."

The photo, Ramsey says, is indicative of how Old Dominion are, both on and off stage.

"We don't take ourselves too seriously. We're just friends that like to goof off," Ramsey adds. "We handed it to a graphic artist who took it to the next level. We all just laughed and wanted it to be more ridiculous. It just shows our personalities, and that's why we love it."

The Nashville-based band recently scored a coveted slot as one of the opening acts on Kenny Chesney's 2015 Big Revival Tour, which also includes Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Brantley GilbertJake OwenChase Rice and Cole Swindell. Keep track of their complete tour schedule here.

Download Old Dominion's EP here.

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