Old Dominion have released a music video for their song "Snapback." The tune is the newest single off of the band's debut album, Meat and Candy.

The "Snapback" video opens in a Los Angeles skate park, and right away, it's clear that the group was going for a hip, urban vibe. The music video centers around a California skater girl -- of course, wearing a snapback hat. Shots throughout the clip highlight the city of LA, some skateboarders with sick moves ... and Old Dominion's latest tune.

Press play on the video above to watch the "Snapback" music video -- and be sure to stick around until the very end. Let's just say that the Old Dominion guys should stick to singing, not skateboarding.

"Snapback" was an easy choice to release as a single. Old Dominion explain that the tune was one of the fun, sing-a-long-type songs on their Meat and Candy album.

“There’s lots of songs on there that are fun, sing-a-long, catchy songs," band member Whit Sellers tells The Boot, explaining the project's title, "and then there are others that have a bit more meat to it."

"Snapback" and the entire Meat and Candy album are available on Amazon and iTunes.