Things don't look so good for Miranda Lambert at the beginning of her new "Vice" music video -- but, somehow, she walks away from a nasty-looking car wreck (at least physically) unharmed.

Directed by Trey Fanjoy, the "Vice" video was shot in Smithville, Texas. The clip finds Lambert, after she climbs out of that totaled car, shedding a leather jacket, strolling through town and smoking and drinking in a small bar. The real crux of the music video, though, lies in the symbolism: As she sings, "Don't know where I am or how I got here / Well, the only thing that I know how to find / Is another vice," Lambert is standing literally at a crossroads ... when another car pulls up. Readers can press play above to watch.

"Vice," fans' first taste of new music from Lambert, was written "at the exact time of the s–t hitting the fan,” the singer says, referencing her divorce from Blake Shelton in the summer of 2015.

“Sometimes when you’re going through something in your life, you may run to some things you shouldn’t and run from some things you shouldn’t," she explains. "I think this song is an opportunity to just be honest and own it and say, ‘Yeah, I have some imperfections, and I live a life, and here and there I might get in a pickle.’ It’s not about one thing or another. Everybody has a vice they run to when they need comfort, and I think that’s what this song says."

The release details of Lambert's upcoming new album have yet to be announced, and while the country star has revealed very little information about her new record, she is adamant that it will reflect what she’s gone through recently.

“Every record I’ve ever made has been a reflection of where I am right then in my life, however old I am. And I’ve never held back at all,” Lambert notes. “But this time, with what I happened to be going through in my life, being honest was never really a choice. Everybody knew anyway. So I just said, I’m gonna journal it, and — good days and bad days — use it for my art.”

“Vice” is available for download on iTunes.

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