Martina McBride, fresh off her top 20 hit, 'I Just Call You Mine,' is already climbing the charts again with her latest single, 'Wrong Baby Wrong Baby Wrong.' But, even though she didn't write the single, Martina did make a few changes to make it all her own.

"When the song was originally written, it was written as a guy who was hanging out with this girl," she says. "She'd broken up with this guy or he'd broken up with her. And the person who was singing this song was a guy who was kind of hanging out going, 'Well, eventually you'll notice me.' So we took it and turned it around so it's two friends talking to each other."

Martina is enjoying plenty of time to perform the song while on the road with Trace Adkins as part of their Shine All Night tour, along with opening act, Sarah Buxton.