Martina McBride named her latest album Reckless, but when it came time to think about a tour, that title simply didn't fit. So, instead, the country star decided on the Love Unleashed Tour; she spoke with The Boot about that theme, what fans can expect from her upcoming trek and what's coming next for her.

"[The name Love Unleashed] came from me just thinking about what kind of experience I wanted to create and what kind of message I wanted to send," McBride tells The Boot. "I was just thinking one night ... about how, you know, we're kind of inundated all day, every day, with bad news and disturbing things ... What I want to create with this tour is for people to be able to come to the show and have a shared common experience together ... and just kind of leave the world outside for a couple of hours and forget about all that stuff and just get back to enjoying being with each other."

McBride is committed to the "Love Unleashed" theme, and she's excited about fostering that feeling and environment throughout her tour: "It's fun to really embrace that and think, you know, song-wise, look-wise, talk-wise, how are we gonna really bring this home and make people feel what we want them to feel?" she explains. And the singer is exploring all of her options, from incorporating the trek's supporting acts (High Valley, Hailey Whitters and the recently announced Shelly Fairchild) into the tour experience to crafting a setlist that will please casual listeners and lifelong fans alike.

"I'm thinking maybe we'll do a finale thing with a certain song that kind of fits the theme," she muses. "I mean, that's just stuff I'm thinking about. I'm thinking about new arrangements for songs.

"You know, some of my fans have come to a whole bunch of shows over the years," McBride adds. "I feel like it's my responsibility to them to create a new experience for them, musically as well as visually."

For those die-hard fans -- or just those fans looking for the full tour experience -- McBride is offering tiered VIP tour packages for the first time on her Love Unleashed Tour. The top tier -- the "Diamond" experience -- includes exclusive merchandise, a Q&A session and a meet and greet with McBride, a pre-concert party and great seats; the "Love Unleashed" experience features top-tier seating and exclusive merch.

But before her Love Unleashed Tour begins, McBride will be playing another series of shows: She's part of the Sarah Cannon Band Against Cancer Tour, the goal of which is to raise awareness for blood cancers; part of the proceeds will go toward fighting blood cancer. McBride's song "Just Around the Corner" is the theme song for the campaign.

After all of her touring is done, McBride plans on taking it easy for a bit ... but then, it's back to work. The year 2017 will be McBride's 25th year of touring -- a milestone that she says feels "awesome."

"I love it more than I ever have," McBride says. "It's definitely something to be celebrated."

To join the celebration early and catch McBride on one of her tour dates, check out her official website. Dates, locations and ticket information can be found at

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