During a recent interview with NPR's Terry GrossMargo Price shared an as-yet-unreleased tune called "1-800-JESUS." Readers can press play below and move to the 40-minute mark of the interview to hear Price play the tune.

In her interview with Gross, Price explains that "1-800-JESUS" is based on a roadside billboard featuring that number. Lyrics include, "Hello, operator, could you get me on the phone? / I'd like to speak to Jesus sometime, if he's ever home / Heard that I can call him up most anytime I want / But every time I ring him, well, he never picks it up."

"You wanna call him because you've got to ask him questions," Price shares of the inspiration for the song, "but you don't know if he's actually gonna answer, because sometimes it feels like you're talking to no one when things are going wrong."

In "1-800-JESUS," Price sings, "Lock me up all by myself / Throw away the key / I can't stand to read the news / Or turn on my TV / Carnivores, religious wars, and they do it for the money / Rich folks eating four-course meals while welfare kids go hungry" -- and that's just the first verse. In her interview, the artist cuts the song off short, saying that she'll save the song's third verse as a surprise for when she actually records the song.

Price recently released her sophomore album, All American Made; the record follows 2016's Midwest Farmer's Daughter, her critically acclaimed debut disc. In January, Price will launch her Nowhere Fast Tour to promote her new album.

Listen to Margo Price's "1-800-Jesus"

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