Fans at Maren Morris' concert in Montville, Conn., on Friday night (Oct. 26) got a surprise in the setlist: The country star played a new song from her upcoming sophomore album. Readers can press play above to hear a snippet of the tune.

Although Morris didn't share the name of the new song she performed on Friday night, she did include some of its lyrics in the caption of an Instagram video post: "Lucky for me, your kind of heaven has been to hell and back.” The ballad doesn't rely on anything flashy, instead leaving all of the focus on Morris' voice.

"You didn't save me / You didn't think I needed saving / You didn't change me / You didn't think I needed changing," Morris sings. "My wings are frayed, and what's left of my halo's black ..."

Morris released her debut album, Hero, in June of 2016. In late April, she teased on Instagram that she was headed into the studio to record her second project; back in 2017, Morris talked about writing for her sophomore album in a piece for Lenny Letter.

"I've grown into the woman I am even more after stacking a decade's worth of bucket-list moments into one year," Morris said at the time. "Those experiences will all come out in the wash. I know that whatever songs do fall out in the writing room ... will be the purest reflection of myself."

More information about Morris, including more of her upcoming tour dates, can be found on her official website.

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