Reba McEntire is back on the small screen as the star of the ABC comedy, "Malibu Country," with fellow funny ladies Lily Tomlin and Sara Rue. While she's happy to perform with an all-star cast, Reba reveals a few other celebrities she would welcome as guests on the weekly series.

"Bette Midler -- I would just absolutely love to have her because she and Lily Tomlin worked together," Reba tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "I would love to have Dolly [Parton] come on. Jane Fonda -- they worked together on 'Nine to Five.' I'd love for William Shatner to come on. Alec Baldwin. I got to work with Alec Baldwin on 'South Pacific' when we did it in Carnegie Hall years ago. That would be fun."

Reba isn't planning on completely trading in her music career for acting full-time but admits she's putting the concert stage on the back burner for the time being.

"Do I like to go have fun and play with Lily Tomlin and Sara Rue and the rest of the cast a little bit more? Yeah," she says. "I do love to be on stage. I do love to be in front of an audience and I love the songs I have gotten to sing. But when you get to play ... It's like when I did 'Annie Get Your Gun.' I was on stage being a different character. I was Annie Oakley playing with great actors, singing, acting -- that was the best part. That was the best thing ever. Now here I am Reba MacKenzie [on 'Malibu Country']. I get to sing and I am acting with Lily Tomlin for Pete's sake! That's pretty hard to beat."

Reba is spending more time in front of the camera, but she does have a few concerts on the books, including stops in Texas and Oklahoma. See a list of Reba's upcoming shows here.

"Malibu Country" airs Friday nights at 8:30 PM ET on ABC.

Watch Reba and Lily Tomlin Talk About 'Malibu Country'

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