Congratulations to Maggie Rose! The singer got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Austin Marshall, on Saturday night (March 21), at a concert at the Bethesda Blues and Jazz Club in Bethesda, Md.

The Maryland native was playing a sold-out show, with many friends and family in attendance. Preparing to sing a song, "River Road," with her bass player, Rose introduced him -- and Marshall walked on stage and joined her on the tune instead.

"Right after I introduced [my bass player], he stepped away from the mic, and to my surprise, Austin walked on stage and began singing with me ... very well I might add," Rose writes on Instagram. "After the song was over, he whispered something to me and got down on bended knee and asked me to marry him.

"I said yes, of course," she continues. "I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful moment, and sharing it with everyone was such a blessing."

A friend caught the moment on video, which you can watch above. So, how did Rose not suspect that something big was about to happen?

"My whole band was in on it," she writes. "They made a customized set list just for me so I wouldn't be tipped off ... Austin knows I live on stage and carefully chose a time and place that we'll remember forever."

Rose's debut album, Cut to Impress, was released in 2013. All of her songs are available for download on iTunes.

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