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  • Roberta Lea

    "Sweet Baby Ray"

    If you're looking for a fun, sexy track that's guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days to come, look no further than Roberta Lea's "Sweet Baby Ray." With a wink and a nod, Lea cleverly uses the classic songwriting tool of food symbolism to bring some musical sweet heat.

  • Wild Rivers

    "Neon Stars"

    Indie darlings Wild Rivers have an undeniable connection, with intimate harmonies reminiscent of Dawes. On "Neon Stars," co-written with Caitlyn Smith, the band regrets misspent youths and squandered dreams in the sweetest way imaginable. -- Rachel Cholst

  • Maggie Rose

    "I Feel The Earth Move"

    Maggie Rose’s cover of this 1971 original takes the Carole King classic to head-spinning heights. Trading King’s grooves for a haunting acoustic guitar, Rose isn’t afraid to show off her dark side here — or her impressive vocal chops. -- Annie Parnell

  • Van Plating

    "New York"

    A blossoming relationship is always exciting, but how do you really know if the feeling is reciprocated? Van Plating's "New York," from her recent album The Way Down, examines the overwhelming anxiety and hope that comes when awaiting that important answer.

  • Aisha Badru

    "The Way Back Home"

    Aisha Badru gives an indie-folk lesson in letting go in this meditative new release. Lifting her delicate voice over atmospheric guitars, she offers a graceful goodbye to an old flame but leaves the door open for future possibilities, promising to “keep the fire burning” in case her love returns. -- Annie Parnell

  • Megadead

    "Country Music!"

    This one's way out of left field, but that's what makes it fun. Megadead (aka Benjamin Shaw) is best known as an Australian electro-pop artist, has dug through his crates to see what there is to be found in his grandparents' favorite records. The result is a fun, trance-like journey through disco and steel guitars. (Be aware that this song is NSFW!)  -- Rachel Cholst

  • The Cactus Blossoms

    "Hey Baby"

    Last week, Minneapolis duo The Cactus Blossoms announced their upcoming album One Day and shared the LP's first single. "Hey Baby" supplies all of the trademark elements fans have come to love from Cactus Blossoms tracks, including infectious guitar and irresistible, soaring harmonies. -- Lorie Liebig

  • Victoria Bailey

    "Rider in the Rain"

    This faithful tribute to Randy Newman maintains the original’s loping spirit with all the gloss of Victoria Bailey’s classic polished honky-tonk. When Bailey croons “I’m the daughter of the prairie” in her distinctive soprano, it’s a smooth incorporation of female perspectives to the traditional cowboy mythos. -- Annie Parnell

  • Brandon Padier

    "Sweet By and By"

    San Antonian Brandon Padier's rich, well-worn voice delivers a wealth of experience in "Sweet By and By" -- belying the fact that he's actually 25. With a classic trains huffle, Padier's song is a declaration of independence as his narrator leaves home in search of something greater. -- Rachel Cholst

  • Jason Boland & the Stragglers

    "The Light Saw Me"

    The Red Dirt Texas country of Jason Boland & the Stragglers goes X-Files in “The Light Saw Me,” the title track from their new concept album about a cowboy who gets abducted by aliens. Mixing classic-country fiddles and ‘80s hard rock riffs, it veers between epic and playful, setting the stage for a sprawling Shooter Jennings-produced space opera. -- Annie Parnell

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