Luke Bryan's stint as an opening act on Tim McGraw's Emotional Traffic tour has been quite an eye-opener for the Georgia native. He's taking in all he can from the headliner, as he prepares to launch his own tour this fall, CMT on Tour: Luke Bryan Tailgates & Tanlines.

"Being out with Tim, you just see the grandest scale of entertainment," Luke tells The Boot. "He's up there in the upper echelon of massive entertainers, and guys who bring it every night and have done it for years, and crowds who have continued to support him for years. There's been so many levels of that tour that have been so fulfilling for me, and to see the fan support night in and night out for him, and see the way he delivers it night in and night out has been the big learning experience."

The father of two says he has a lot to aspire to if he ever hopes to reach Tim's iconic status. "[I'm] learning how hungry he is," he notes. "Even hungrier than ever. It's so refreshing to see, after him being in it, he's still wanting to outdo himself. That's what continues to drive me."

The lessons he has learned on the Emotional Traffic tour inspire the 35-year-old to plan well for his own musical future.

"I'm already thinking about the next album," admits the 'Country Girl (Shake It for Me)' singer, whose 'Tailgates & Tanlines' album hits shelves August 9. "That's the fun part, trying to outdo yourself. I want to outdo myself but stay what I am, and Tim's been able to be so relevant for so many years. It's been pretty amazing to watch, from him being a hero of mine to being out on tour with him and being a friend of his, it's been a fun transition."

Luke will soon be able to put the lessons he's learned over the past few months into practice. He recently announced the dates for his Tailgates & Tanlines tour, which kicks off on September 15 in West Virginia. See a full list of tour dates below.

September 15, Huntington W.Va.

September 16, New York City, N.Y.

September 17 ,Utica, N.Y.

September 22, Cedar Falls, Iowa

September 23, Kearney, Neb.

September 24, Brookings, S.D.

October 13, Johnson City, Tenn.

October 14, Greensboro, N.C.

October 15, Columbia, S.C.

October 20, Bowling Green, Ky.

October 21, West Lafayette, Ind.

October 22,Troy, Ohio

October 27, Corbin, Ky.

October 28, Salem, Va.

November 3, Moline, Ill.

November 4, Maplewood, Minn.

November 5, Bemidji, Minn.

November 10, Green Bay, Wis.

November 11, Muncie, Ind.

November 17, Southaven, Miss.

November 18, Auburn, Ala.

November 19, Monroe, La.

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