Little Big Town are such a close-knit quartet that they can almost finish each other's sentences but, apparently, they don't necessarily listen to what the other person is saying, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Take Phillip Sweet, for instance. If he'd listened to his fellow band members, he probably wouldn't have found wife Rebecca, who he's been happily married to for four years now.

"We said, 'Hey, stay away from her,'" Karen Fairchild tells Country Aircheck of Rebecca Arthur, the intern at their record label whom Phillip later married. The band's warnings went unheeded, and the chemistry between the two proved to be just too undeniable. "We tried to avoid each other for a long time," Phillip admits, "but I was done the second I saw her."

When a piece of equipment needed to be driven to a LBT show in Memphis, Rebecca was recruited and Phillip, being the Southern gentleman that he is, couldn't have the sweet girl driving all the way back by herself. He volunteered to ride with her, much to the chagrin of his fellow group members. "We were like, no, no, no, no, no," Karen says with a laugh. "They've been together ever since that ride home!"

Phillip and Rebecca headed to the 'Little White Church,' with the other members of the band cheering them on, and are now preparing to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary later this month. Their daughter, Penelopi Jane, came soon after, joining bandmember Kimberly Schlapman's daughter Daisy Pearl just five months earlier. "The girls are best buddies, and worst enemies when it comes to sharing toys," Kimberly told The Boot back in July. "When you get two two year olds wanting the same toy, that's going to be a problem! They adore each other. The two of them have just been best little buddies since their first few weeks of life!"

The girls also adore the newest member of the club, Jimi Westbrook and Karen's baby boy, Elijah. "They just eat him up!" Kimberly adds. "We had to teach them their boundaries, because they're always wanting to touch him and poke him. They adore him."

Phillip and the rest of the band will kick off their Road Trips and Guitar Picks tour, sponsored by Country Financial, in Nashville next month. The Facebook page for the tour will feature unique videos and pics from the road, chances to win backstage passes and other goodies, and free downloads, and will include a newsletter with updates on the tour and the band.

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