Little Big Town has their fifth career Grammy nomination with this year's nod to their chart-topping hit, "Pontoon," in the Best Country Duo/Group Performance category. Going into Sunday's show, the country quartet is just as wide-eyed as they were at their first Grammys, back in 2007.

"A Grammy nomination does not get old!" LBT's Kimberly Schlapman tells The Boot. "Every Grammy experience has been so special. We're fans of music, so we love seeing the other musicians."

Bandmate Phillip Sweet agrees, admitting they've been starstruck a few times at the show -- by everyone from Mick Jagger to Beyoncé. One band, in particular, impressed him not only with their music but with their Grammy smarts. "I remember one year we were sitting in the row next to The Fray. They had these little sandwiches," he laughs. "You sit there for hours and hours and you're starving, but they were sneaky. And we're jealous ... we're like, 'Can I have a bite?' [laughs]"

Little Big Town has partnered with MasterCard to give fans a "Priceless Los Angeles moment" at the Grammys. "This program really shows all the cool things this city (LA) has to offer," Phillip explains of the fan experience. "We've been a band for 13 years and have been coming to LA for many years. You have unique experiences when you come here, and you feel like you're in a magical place."

"They're allowing us the privilege of sharing stuff behind the scenes, like photos and video clips," adds bandmate Karen Fairchild. "It's cool because the fans don't usually get to see all that stuff -- everything from fittings to getting all glammed up. It brings fans closer to a world they don't normally get to see."

Speaking of getting all glammed up, the LBT ladies dropped a few hints about what they'll be wearing to the show. "It's frilly and perfect for her; it's so pretty," Karen says of Kimberly's dress, adding of hers, "Mine's not frilly. It's Dolce & Gabbana, and it's comfortable."

"That's a lesson we've learned: we've gotta be comfortable," Kimberly interjects.

"But the shoes may be high-heel torture devices," Karen jokes.

Little Big Town's "Pontoon" is up for Best Country Duo/Group Performance at the Grammys. The chart-topping song already won Single of the Year at the 2012 CMA Awards and is the biggest-selling song of the singing sensations' career.

"I just got a text from a friend of mine who was vacationing in Belize, and he said, 'The entire bar, including the staff, were all just singing 'Pontoon,'" LBT's Jimi Westbrook proudly reports. "In Belize! I guess people are motorboatin' everywhere."