It's been two years since Laura Bell Bundy has released a new set of tunes, but that's about to change. The Broadway and television star, whose debut country music project, 'Achin' and Shakin',' landed in the Top 5 on the charts, will release a new album, 'Another Piece of Me' this spring. A sample of its first single, 'That's What Angels Do' was unveiled this week.

"'That's What Angels Do' is one of those songs that is very personal to me," the blond beauty shares in a video to her fans. (Watch it below.) "When I heard it for the first time, it was kind of embarrassing because I couldn't stop crying. I was trying to hold it in."

Watch Laura Bell Bundy Discuss Her New Song

The heart-wrenching ballad caused the 30-year-old to reminisce about a particularly painful time in her life. "There's an interesting spin on the way I look at the song lyrically," explains Laura Bell. "In the first verse, 'He drove away / I couldn't move / First bitter taste of what love can do / And Mom comes over ..." Most people would sit there and go, 'Well, that's your first boyfriend.' But when I was listening to the song, the immediate image I got in my head was when my Dad left. I was 14 and I ran out to say, 'Don't go,' and my Mom came out to get me. It immediately took me back to this place. It was impossible for me not to go there, emotionally."

The song continued to speak a powerful message to the star, who was nominated for a Tony award for her lead role in the Broadway smash, 'Legally Blonde.' "So the second verse, if it wasn't already hitting me over the head, it goes, 'Big city streets / Bright city lights / Some days the dream's not worth the fight.' I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, are you kidding me?' How many times had I walked down New York City streets exhausted, having to do another show, or going to another big city, or being away from your family, or just longing for the simplicity of it, and then what gets you through is a phone call from your father."

The singer and actress admits she is giving her fans an intimate glimpse into her life with this single. "This song really speaks very very personal to me, in every aspect -- lyrically, in the concept of the song," she confesses. "These sort of angels in your life kind of pop up in people, and I love that idea because I think that's so true. I think that every day you have the opportunity to meet God through people, and that's why I like the song."

Balancing out this tender ballad on the album will be some fun, toe-tapping songs, Laura Bell promises. "There's some really personal and emotional stuff on [the new album]," she explains to The Boot. "Then there's some rockers. And people who wanna dance, they expect me to give them something, too, so we've got that ... Each song is a different piece of me."

'That's What Angels Do' will be released to country radio in April.

Watch Laura Bell Bundy's 'Drop On By' Video

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