The cranberry sauce is flying off grocery store shelves, and we can almost smell the mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. But in addition to Thanksgiving's traditional meal, the holiday is also a time of gratitude -- and the multi-talented Laura Bell Bundy is thankful for a lot after a "very intense year."

In an exclusive video, which The Boot readers can watch above, Bundy begins in comedic fashion: "I'm thankful for Uber," she says, also including Postmates and the University of Kentucky making it to the Final Four among her goofy list of things she's thankful for.

But keep watching, because the singer-slash-actress has some more serious things to say -- and some very important things to be thankful for this year.

"2015 in general has been a very intense year," Bundy continues. "It is definitely a year that I have redefined who I am as a creative and what it is that I do."

Bundy explains that, this year, she's taken her YouTube-based modern-day variety show, Skits-O-Frenic, from a "seedling of a dream" to a reality. The series features celebrity guests; Bundy's singing, dancing and dramatic and comedic talents; and a whole lot of fun.

On a more personal level, Bundy notes that she suffered a major loss this year, as well as some scary times, including a surgery to have her heart repaired. When she was six weeks old, the entertainer was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, Ventricular Septal Defect, and in October, at 34 years of age, she had the hole in her heart repaired.

Bundy shows her more vulnerable side throughout the rest of this video, but she finishes on a perky note: "I hope you eat a crap ton of turkey!"

Press play on the video above to find out what else Bundy is thankful for this year, and let us know what you're grateful for in 2015 in the comments section below.

Watch Laura Bell Bundy's New Skits-O-Frenic Episode:

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