Congratulations are in order for Laura Bell Bundy and boyfriend Thom Hinkle, who are now engaged!

Bundy shared the exciting news on Thursday (Dec. 31) on social media, along with a photo of her stunning engagement ring.

"Initially, it was his biting wit, charm and the fact he beat me at Dance Dance Revolution at Jerry's Deli that swept me off my feet, but it's his thoughtfulness, massively generous heart and the fact that he switched from scotch to [Kentucky] bourbon that has kept me falling in love with him more every day," Bundy writes on Instagram. "That's not some romantic exaggeration for the sake of posting this either. It's the truth. The bourbon thing really won me over ...

"But in all seriousness ... The way we've come out of differences and challenges as better, more fully realized versions of ourselves has only deepened our love and connection ... And allows me to believe that we have what it takes to grow young together," Bundy continues. "It allows me to believe in love in general. THAT's when you know if love is true."

Bundy and Hinkle have known each other for four years. In her post announcing their engagement, Bundy calls Hinkle "my rock. My partner. My best friend. My roomie. My champion. My greatest, most fun challenge. My make-out partner."

"He's the reason to my rhyme," Bundy concludes, "and he's attempting to make me an honest woman."

Bundy’s latest album, Another Piece of Me, was released in June on Big Machine Label Group. The country singer, dancer and actress also has a role in a TV show, Recovery Road, that will be premiering sometime this year.

“I love entertainment, and I love entertaining people,” Bundy tells The Boot. “I love every aspect, from the conception of an idea, whether it’s an idea for a song, and then you write the song, and then the production of the song, and then directing the video and writing the video. So I absolutely think that my past has helped, the things that I’ve done in the past have helped, and my performances, too.”

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