If you want female country singers to get riled up, tell them they're not really worth playing on country radio and compare them to a salad garnish. Plenty of individuals and fans are talking about consultant Keith Hill's sexist comments, and Miranda Lambert and Laura Bell Bundy have tossed their own thoughts into the ring.

"This is the biggest bunch of BULLS--T I have ever heard," Lambert writes on Facebook. "I am gonna do everything in my power to support and promote female singer/songwriters in country music. Always."

The "Little Red Wagon" hitmaker clearly takes her influence on and platform in country music very seriously, often bringing fellow women out on tour with her; in fact, Lambert's upcoming fall Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour will feature only females.

Bundy also has a rather hilarious -- but totally serious -- stance.

"That guy is not gonna get laid," she tells Fox News. "That is my official word [laughs]."

The singer adds, "I do agree with that there should be more women. I'm the type of person who likes to hear women. I like to hear from our perspective. I like the timbre of a woman's voice; I like the subject matter that women are speaking about.

"I think the thing that's interesting is the women who do get through on the radio -- like really get through -- they go on to become divas," Bundy continues. "Those men don't have those types of careers -- they don't make the impact that the five women getting played on the radio are going to make."

Other country singers who have spoken out about Hill's comments include Martina McBride, who was the first to raise the red flag, and Jennifer Nettles, who tossed the "V-word" into her saucy comeback.

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