Laura Bell Bundy soared to new heights -- literally -- for the video for her current single, "I Am What I Am," from her upcoming Another Piece of Me album.

Already in Switzerland to perform at a music festival, Bundy used the opportunity to film the video in the Swiss Alps.

"There is not another place in nature I feel more connected to my higher source than in the mountains," Bundy explains in a statement. "So when I found out I'd be performing at the Gstaad Country Music Festival — in the midst of the Alps and the same setting as my favorite film, The Sound of Music — I was stoked.

"Filming in the same place Maria von Trapp sang seemed like the perfect place to tell that story, a story about being okay with being yourself and feeling free," she adds. "I want to send the message that being who you are is not only a beautiful courageous thing, it's a necessary thing."

Given the lyrics of "I Am What I Am" — "Sometimes I cry 'cause I feel like crying / And I may never fly, but I might die trying / Oh, I'm reckless when it comes to loving / No parachute, but I feel like jumping," — the picturesque location is the perfect place for Bundy to introduce her latest set of tunes.

“I’m thrilled to show fans that we all have a spectrum of emotions throughout our lives. "Kentucky Dirty" and "Two Step" show my playfulness and humor to crank up for a random dance party,” Bundy explains. “But "China and Wine" and "Another Piece of Me" are more introspective, reflecting how I’ve dealt with the occasional sadness and messiness that life throws you. I hope everyone truly feels like they know Another Piece of Me after listening.”

Bundy's debut country album, Achin' and Shakin', was released in 2010. During her five-year gap between records, the Kentucky native has certainly kept busy. A seasoned actress who played the lead in the Broadway musical Legally Blonde, Bundy recently appeared in Watercolor Postcards and Anger Management.

“Much of my career has involved playing characters that have been created for me, but this album is something completely different and the most personal body of work I’ve ever done," Bundy maintains. "It is the real me."

Bundy co-wrote half of the songs on the new record, which also includes contributions by hit writers like Ashley Monroe, Kristian Bush, Craig Wiseman, Natalie Hemby and Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus, among others. The album will be released on June 9 on Big Machine Records and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.