Lady Antebellum is hoping to bust down some doors in the very near future. No they haven't changed their profession to bounty hunters; they just hope their sophomore album will bring more fans and recognition to the Lady A camp.

"We've been writing a bunch and we're excited about it," Charles Kelley tells The Boot. "But there are still so many people just now hearing about us, we're gonna keep on pushing with our first album for a while."

Charles says he feels like the group's third single, 'I Run To You,' is connecting with more people than the previous two releases. "We're just so thrilled that it is doing so well. It's been a blessing, and if we can keep up the momentum this will be incredible."

The trio did debut one new song, 'Love This Pain,' for folks at their fan club party during CMA Music Week. They explained that they wanted their most devoted fans to hear it, but they won't sing it on the road for a while.

"I don't know that we'll add it to our set list while we're on the Kenny Chesney tour," Charles explains, "because we only have 25 minutes and we've got to get out there and rock the crowd for Kenny and Miranda Lambert."

After watching Kenny's show, the three might be thinking of adding a different kind of song to their upcoming project. "We've learned we need to have party songs," Charles reveals. "His show is all about having a good time. The fans know they're gonna be on their feet and having a good time when they come to one of his shows."

"Kenny is unbelievable," Dave Haywood adds. "There's definitely a reason he wins Entertainer [of the Year] almost every year. The way he can connect with somebody in the back of a stadium at the top level is awesome. We watch him and Miranda every night, just trying to learn from them."

Hillary Scott explains another thing they've learned from their time on the road with Kenny. "He treats everyone so well, which is another thing we'll take away from this. He's loyal and treats his employees so well, it's like big family."Speaking of family, when Charles is not learning from Kenny and Miranda, or writing and recording with Lady A, he has another subject on his mind -- a wedding. "I have very little to do with the plans," the singer, who proposed to girlfriend Cassie McConnell last Christmas, admits. "I'm really excited; we've been waiting for this day for awhile. I won't give up the date but it is coming soon and we are looking forward to it."