While today's politically-charged, socially aware climate offers songwriters much more to write about than the usual romantic pursuits, don't expect Lady Antebellum to jump on that bandwagon any time soon. Lady A's Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood seem quite happy to stick with the old adage, "write what you know."

"The three of us don't know enough about those things to feel intelligent enough to back it up if we write about it," Hillary tells Canada's National Post.

"Also, our lives are so exposed, everyone knows everything about us," she adds. "There are some things I want to keep to myself. Politics is one of them." (Of course, that doesn't stop fans (or the paparazzi) from trying to find out more.

For her part, though, Hillary says, "I just want to write about love. I think that's the heart of life. If you love selflessly, that will affect everything positively."

That's not to say that being on the road with Dave, Charles, and the rest of the band and crew is a non-stop love-fest. Sometimes the 23-year-old can't help but feel a bit outnumbered -- not to mention out-testosteroned!

"It can get so lonely out here," Hillary admits. "Even if I'm in a group, because you live so much in your own head. There's 11 of us (in the band's entourage), but there's only one other girl. I miss my girlfriends. I'm around a bunch of dudes all the time; I don't know how many times I've heard 'she said' jokes!"

Lady Antebellum continues their Canadian trek this week with Kenny Chesney and will return there in September, on tour with Keith Urban.