Lady Antebellum have released their latest single, 'Freestyle,' on Spotify. The song is the second tune from their upcoming '747' album.

The uptempo, rocking song, with lines like, “Hey, there ain’t nothing wrong / Just making it up as we go along / Find a little rock 'n' roll hallelujah, throw your hands up high if the spirit moves you ... We can do it old school, ABC style / Maybe we could go a little wild and freestyle," is a departure from the trio's previous hits, but they say the decision to break out of their comfort zone was a calculated one.

“We could tell our fans -- and I believe country radio -- were just wanting uptempo from us, and wanting energy,” Hillary Scott tells “Not wanting another mid-tempo [song] or ballad. They wanted to see a different side of us.

“We were far enough along in the process of making our new record that we were ready for something fresh," she adds. "And then when ‘Bartender’ happened, we were like, ‘OK, let’s have some fun.’”

'Bartender,' the first single from '747,' became the group's seventh No. 1 hit and gave fans a hint of what to expect from the next set of tunes.

“We had the opportunity to write with some new songwriters and really dig for outside songs that were songs we wish we’d written,” Dave Haywood explains. “As we took them into the studio, we changed our approach and challenged ourselves to try some new things that were outside of what we’d done before.”

Adds Charles Kelley, “We are so ready to get this music out. To get the reaction we've gotten from ‘Bartender’ has only made us more fired up about the rest of these songs!”

Download 'Freestyle' here. '747' will be released on Sept. 30 and is available for pre-order here.