Sugarland's Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles are both currently happily pursuing solo careers: He was recently the subject of a documentary and has a second single out from his solo album, while she performed on Broadway earlier this year and recently signed a new record deal and announced a fall tour. So, with their focus squarely on their own projects, does that mean that a Sugarland reunion is out of the question? Hardly.

What it does mean, however, is that both Bush and Nettles are getting to show their own, individual artistic sides -- and that will only make Sugarland that much stronger when they eventually reunite.

"With us exploring two separate pieces, I can imagine that most people -- they know what [Nettles] sounds like, they just want to know what she thinks: What does she want to write? What does she want to talk about? What’s going on over there? That’s what I would imagine as a fan," Bush tells The Boot. "And, for me, they’re probably like, ‘Oh my gosh, he can sing?’ It starts much more in the beginning for me."

Bush hand-picked Nettles to join Sugarland right at the group's beginning, when they were still a trio (fellow founding member Kristen Hall left the group in 2005). Right away, Bush says, it was her unique sound that piqued his interest.

"The sound of Sugarland has always been the songs combined with her voice," he explains. "It’s very unique. When she came in and auditioned, she was not like the other four people who had auditioned before. She had a very different voice than each of those women, and I liked it because I could close my eyes and recognize her, and that was important.

"What’s a real joy for me was in discovering and being able to really partner with Jennifer on using her voice in a way to really communicate the stories we wanted to tell," Bush adds.

Bush and Nettles co-wrote almost all of Sugarland's songs, and he remained front and center onstage during their live shows, but the focus remained largely on Nettles singing lead, with Bush adding harmonies. But now that they are both finding their own footing as individual artists, Bush hints that their reunion might include opportunities for them both to explore more within the duo.

"I think it’s going to be fantastic," Bush says. "I think about it a lot. Creatively, what’s great is, Sugarland is just creating out of the balance of that back and forth, or at least that’s what it became. I guess, at the beginning, it was just a big idea; it was a big idea that we started building on. I think it will be fun."

Southern Gravity, Bush's solo project, is available for purchase on Amazon or iTunes.

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