Kristian Bush is the subject of a new documentary on his life, Walk Tall: The Journey of Sugarland's Kristian Bush, which is set for television release in September.

The film follows Bush in the aftermath of the deadly Sugarland stage collapse, which occurred Aug. 13, 2011, as Bush and his Sugarland partner Jennifer Nettles were readying to take the stage for a performance at the Indiana State Fair. The collapse killed seven people and caused many injuries to fans awaiting the performance and the emotional aftermath was difficult for both members of the duo.

For Bush, the tragedy kicked off a series of unfortunate events. Later that year, the singer and his wife Jill filed for divorce; in 2012, Nettles gave birth to her first child, and the duo went on hiatus

“By the time I got to the Indiana State Fair, I was already going through a divorce that was so private that even some of my closest friends didn’t even know about it. And then that day, the stage fell … Music’s not supposed to do that. Nothing about music is ever supposed to hurt anybody," Bush says in the film's trailer, which can be seen above. "It’s shock when you go through that, [but] it’s nothing compared to what some of the families were going through because they had lost people. I couldn’t talk about what happened — legally or even emotionally, I think — but I could write about it."

After the hiatus of his band, Bush has gone on to perform as a solo artist and all that writing helped shape his first solo album, Southern Gravity, which he released in April.

Walk Tall: The Journey of Sugarland's Kristian Bush is the first feature-length film from Nash TV Films. To find out where to see the project, visit