Kree Harrison has revealed the details of her debut album, This Old Thing. The singer's first project is due out on July 8.

Harrison, who was the runner-up on Season 12 of American Idol, has put together 13 tracks for This Old Thing. She co-wrote nine of them; one of those nine songs was written for her late mother, who passed away early in Harrison's life.

"I've always wanted to record it," Harrison tells People about the track, which obviously is very close to her heart. "It's special to me, and I think that it's good to put stuff out there, even if it's uncomfortable at times, because people can relate, and it feels good to be selfless with artistry."

Harrison's mother's death occurred only a few short years after Harrison's dad passed away. But the family had moved from Texas to Nashville to help a young Harrison achieve her dreams, and even with all of that hardship, Harrison kept pushing on. Eventually, her sister persuaded her to try out for Idol.

"I literally have never worked so hard in my life," Harrison says. "Idol taught me a work ethic like no other will."

Harrison has already shared two tracks off of This Old Thing: the project's title track and "Dead Man's House." The disc is available for pre-order on iTunes.

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