Kip Moore thought his fourth studio album was ready to go. As it turns out, he was wrong. In a recent interview, the singer explains that the project's final track list is still up in the air -- though, he adds on Twitter, that doesn't mean its release will be delayed.

"I thought it was finished. But the thing is that I never stopped writing, and now I have fallen in love with some new stuff that I have written," Moore tells Taste of Country. So, these newly penned songs will go head to head with the original 13 tracks that Moore has already recorded for the project and determine what will make the final cut. On Twitter, he explains that he can alter the new album's track list until "early December" without delaying its release date.

"There are going to be days when you feel you have made the greatest project, and then there will be days that you feel like it’s a big piece of s--t. That’s just being honest. You go back and forth and you have those battles within and you try to go and trust your initial gut," Moore reflects of creating a new record. "I mean, I’ve never been able to step away and know that these are exactly the songs I should have done. There have always been songs that I left off that I later thought, 'Were those the songs I should have put on?'”

Regardless of what songs end up on the album, Moore knows that his fans will be able to see his evolution and transparency. “I think you can hear the growth I have gone through in my own life from one record to the next," he shares.

"I’ll never be that guy that is going to sing about the same thing on any record," Moore adds. "I’m living a life that I never … I mean, I did dream it up, but I could never truly wrap my head around how truly crazy it would be and all the things I would get to see and be a part of.”

The first single from Moore's next album, which follow's 2017's Slowheart, is "She's Mine." Moore released the song in early August.

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