Kip Moore is looking for love in his new single "She's Mine." The rockin' new song, which the singer dropped early Friday morning (Aug. 9), finds the artist trying to find his perfect mate ... wherever she may be.

"Love, I've been lookin' for a while / Been close a couple times / Man, she's hard to find," Moore sings to open "She's Mine," which he co-wrote with Dan Couch and Scott Stepakoff. But he's not giving up hope: "Maybe she's in Vegas / At a table, dealin' blackjack / Hey, if you wouldn't mind / If you see her out tonight / Tell her she's mine."

Moore's doing okay on his journey -- "but it'd be better with her in it," he admits, atop a wall of guitars and drums. Wherever this woman is, he's got a message for her: "Tell her I'm comin' / I'm runnin' / Yeah, I'm sorry I'm late / That I want her / I love her, and I just can't wait / To meet her someday."

Moore has never released a studio version of "She's Mine," though fans report that it's popped up in his live shows from time to time. A tweet traces the song back to 2015 -- right around the time that Moore released his sophomore album, Wild Ones, after delays led to him essentially scrapping a full record. In fact, Moore tells Billboard, "She's Mine" was written a decade ago and was almost Wild Ones' lead single.

“We just missed the mark when we tracked it the first time. It was too slick and didn't capture the energy like I wanted it to or even the sentiment of the song," Moore shares. "I wasn't willing to put it out with the way that it was.”

"She's Mine" found new life, however, after Moore pulled the song out before a show last year. “The song always felt like a hit record to me. It always put me a good mood," he reflects. "It's definitely one of the most lighthearted tracks on this new record."

Moore's next album, he tells Billboard, is due out in early 2020; he produced both the single and the full record himself. His last studio album, Slowheart, arrived in 2017; however, in 2018, he released an acoustic EP, Room to Spare: The Acoustic Sessions -- a project that was the result of fans' requests.

Moore has been supporting the acoustic EP with an acoustic tour, which he recently announced will continue through early December. On Aug. 15, Moore will begin a brief Bud Light Dive Bar Tour stint.

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