Kenny Rogers has been in the entertainment business for more than 50 years, so he knows a thing or two about navigating the ins and outs of fame -- and he has a stern warning for Miley Cyrus and her recent antics.

"What happens is, the big fear in this business is not being recognized," he tells the Bobby Bones Show. "Look at Miley Cyrus and what she’s doing now. Is it going to work?”

The 75-year-old says the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus is doing herself far more harm than good. “It’s going to get her some press,” he notes. “In L.A., any press is good press. They’re talking about it. Not for me. I don’t need that kind of stuff and I think it’s a sad mistake.”

Rogers warns that the 20-year-old has to be even more concerned about her image than he did throughout most of his legendary career, thanks to the advent of the internet.

"I think people have to be careful," he cautions. "You have to live with it, more so now than ever before. Anything you do now is going to be around forever. It’s just dangerous.”

Rogers, whose next album, 'You Can't Make Old Friends,' will hit shelves on Oct. 8, says he no longer feels the need to try to have as much success as artists from a younger generation.

“There’s only two ways I can compete," he notes.. "I can do what everybody else is doing and do it better. And I don’t like my chances of doing that. Or I can do something nobody else is doing and you don’t invite comparison … So I’ve always kinda been outside the box, 'cause I can’t do the things Keith Urban does or Taylor Swift or those guys, so I just have to do what I do.”

'You Can't Make Old Friends,' which includes a duet with Dolly Parton on the title track, is available for pre-order here.