Kenny Chesney has released the video for his latest single, "Save It for a Rainy Day." The song is the fourth single from his No. 1 2014 The Big Revival album.

In true Chesney fashion, the clip shows the singer out on the water, enjoying the sand and sun, while he sings lines like, "Yeah, the music's too good, my friends are all out / And they're all too high to be bringing them down / If they ask about you, I've got nothing to say / I'll save it for a rainy day."

"This song came through, and it's sneaky because it seems so fun and easy, but if you think about what it's saying? Man, that's every single person I know -- me included!" Chesney tells People of the tune, written by Andrew Dorff, Matt Ramsey and Brad Tursi.

"And what would you give to have somebody tell you in the moments when you can't get out of your rut, 'Hey, man, you have a choice here?'" he continues. "'You can hang on to what's bringing you down, or you can look around and see this gorgeous day you're wasting.'"

The 47-year-old says that you don't need a fancy yacht or an exotic vacation to understand the message of "Save It for a Rainy Day."

"Feeling bad is easy, especially when things aren't going your way," Chesney notes. "But you get a choice! This song's a wake-up call, you know? Remember, you choose how you feel. You can decide you're not going to surrender to feeling bad and find the joy or the good or the sun in the sky … and that's a big deal."

The Tennessee native concedes that he put a lot of thought into which tunes he included on The Big Revival, "Save It for a Rainy Day" included, and his thoughtfulness paid off.

“I’ve been blessed with all kinds of songs,” Chesney says. “From something as innovative as "American Kids" [to] the tempo of "'Til It’s Gone" to the get-people-to-listen ballad of "Wild Child" that really celebrates how women are, my fans want to go different places and experience all the moments life has to offer. This time, I figured, 'Here’s a song that reminds everybody it’s how you see things,' and I loved that about "Save It for a Rainy Day.""

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