Kenny Chesney's Saturday night (Aug. 15) show at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. was special not only because it was a record-breaking event, but also because the country superstar shared a sweet -- and somewhat hilarious -- onstage moment with a fan.

About midway through his set, during "I Go Back," Chesney pulled from the crowd a fan with Down syndrome.

"She says she wants to say something into the microphone," Chesney told the cheering crowd after the song ended -- and he passed the woman the mic.

"I just want to let you know ... Kenny Chesney's my true love," she confessed. And while that statement earned a loud response from the audience, the crowd got even louder when she added, "He inspires me, and right now, I want to kiss him on the lips. Do you want to see it?"

Chesney obliged, and we're not sure whose reaction was more awesome: the audience's cheers, or the look on the girl's face. But she wasn't done.

“His music got me through the toughest times ..." the fan told the crowd after taking the mic back from Chesney. "The reason why I want to be on the stage was because my grandfather’s dream was to see me up here, to sing with Kenny ... Do you want to see me sing more with Kenny Chesney? Because I’ve been doing it for 24 years ...”

"That's why we right songs right there!" Chesney exclaimed after enveloping the woman in a big hug, and he held her next to him while he sang "Wild Child." Press play on the video above to see the exchange between Chesney and the fan, and watch the video below to see the performance of "Wild Child."

“That young woman had so much heart, so much spirit,” Chesney says of his surprise special guest. “She was just fearless and true and wanted to tell people what was on her mind. Talk about inspiring all of us about how to live our lives."

A total of 58,642 fans witnessed the sweet moment -- a number that makes Chesney the highest-selling country artist of all time in New Jersey. In four appearances at MetLife Stadium, Chesney has sold 223,582 tickets.

“The thing about East Rutherford [is], they’re all heart -- and they bring it," Chesney says. "That passion, the way they really throw themselves at life, really dig in and live it full tilt ... that’s how they love music, too. I’ve never walked out of MetLife not rocked to my core, and they just throw you against the wall with how they come to the shows."

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