Forget the snow for Christmas. Kenny Chesney wants the sand and surf to help celebrate the holiday. The singer has released the music video for his Christmas single, 'Christmas in Blue Chair Bay,' proving just how much fun the islands can be to toast the Yuletide season.

While Chesney croons, “Everybody raise a glass with me right now / To all of those up in the snow from all of us down South / ‘Tis the season for believing and faith and family / I wish you were here with me,” images flash by of the Tennessee native, along with several of his friends, celebrating on the islands, including plenty of time on the water, with his Blue Chair Bay Rum getting plenty of exposure as well.

"Merry Christmas, everybody," Chesney says at the end of the video. "I hope you guys have an amazing, amazing Christmas, and Happy New Year. Merry Christmas from Blue Chair Bay."

The 'Til It's Gone' singer says he wanted to show his fans another, warmer side of the Christmas season.

“I was in the mood, especially with the time I’ve been spending in Barbados with my rum, to try and distill how slow and sweet the holidays in the islands are when we can get there,” he explains. “It seems like there are few times of the year when you can really unplug, really just be in the moment with your family and your friends -- and celebrate how great life is.

"Over the last 10 years, I’ve really come to appreciate that time off and what those connections mean," Chesney adds, "and I wanted to share that feeling with my friends through music.”

Chesney launched his own Blue Chair Bay Rum last year, as a way to bottle up the feeling he gets when he spends time on the water.

“Anyone who knows me knows I’ve drunk a lot of rum in a lot of places,” he says of the liquor. “And the more you drink, the more you know what you wish you could have. I finally decided there was no reason not to … All I had to do was decide once we started tasting what that flavor that truly felt like the end of the day in the islands was.”

Download 'Christmas in Blue Chair Bay' here.

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