Singer-songwriter Katie Armiger is facing another lawsuit from her former label, Cold River Records, as her story resurfaces with the #MeToo movement across social media. The artist has established a GoFundMe to help pay for her legal fees and share what's happening.

In 2016, Armiger was sued by Cold River Records "for refusing to perform the remainder of her contracts with the label." Armiger responded with a countersuit, claiming that the label had announced her retreat from country music and locked her out of her social media accounts without her knowledge or consent after she refused to meet "expectations" the label had for her interactions, specifically with men in power.

"I started out in country music like most young singer-songwriters -- hoping that I could write songs that would connect with people." Armiger states on her GoFundMe page. "I came to Nashville as a teenager and worked hard to build a career with integrity and hard work. While I met some great people in the industry, I soon learned the challenges and expectations that young women face trying to make it in the industry.

"I was harassed, propositioned, and even assaulted by powerful men in the industry," Armiger adds. "When I was vocal about these instances, my concerns were dismissed. It was disheartening."

On her GoFundMe page, Armiger details her ongoing plight and her attempt to return to a "normal life" in college and behind the scenes as a songwriter. However, when the sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein surfaced in October, Armiger says, Fox News "remembered my story and reached out to me to share my own '#MeToo' stories."

"After the article came out, my former label chose to respond publicly ...," Armiger writes. "They stated that they wished me the best and hoped I would move on with my career ... Privately, though, they filed another lawsuit against me in hopes of silencing my voice."

Armiger says that she has enlisted the help of a lawyer to face the new charges from Cold River Records, which allegedly insists that the singer is using her claims of mistreatment as a publicity stunt. Armiger says that all funds raised will go to her legal expenses, and any excess donations will be contributed to the Sexual Assault Center in Nashville.

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