Katie Armiger's new album, Fall Into Me, hit stores today (Jan. 15), with much of the project inspired by one relationship that moved the 21-year-old singer-songwriter to wear her heart on her musical sleeve. The 14 songs, all co-written by Katie, take listeners on the emotional rollercoaster ride that so often comes with new relationships. There's a fair share of highs, in songs such as the sexy "Playin' With Fire" and vulnerable "Safe," and a lot of lows, reflected in the poignant lyrics of "Man I Thought You Were," "Merry Go Round" and "Cardboard Boxes," among other tracks. But the overall message of this album is, arguably, that love can break your heart but can't break you. Standout tracks are the ones in which Katie assures fans (and herself) that being single is not a curse. There's the toe-tapping tune of liberation, "I'm Free," the soaring ballad that evokes both tears and feelings of empowerment, "OK Alone," and the album's sassy first single that finds the singer running from the altar, "Better in a Black Dress."

"It is my mentality right now," Katie tells The Boot of the latter song, which is her highest-charting single to date. "A lot of my friends are married or engaged, or at least have some sort of relationship where it's going there extremely soon. Growing up in a smaller town, you go to college and that's where you meet the guy you're going to marry. Then you graduate, then you marry, then you move back home. When you hit your 20s, people start asking you, 'What's your five-year plan? Are you going to get married? When are you going to have kids?' I get those questions all the time! I wrote that song as my answer."

So, Country Weekly's two-time "Hottest Bachelorette" winner, in the magazine's annual reader vote, is just fine with her bachelorette status. In fact, she's a bit more picky these days when it comes to qualifications for her Mr. Right.

"I really like a sense of humor, plus they have to like dogs because my dog goes everywhere with me," says Katie. "They have to be really nice and polite; when you're out to eat, they need to say 'please' and 'thank you' to servers. They have to be really nice to their moms and have a good relationship with them ... And I like green eyes!"

The raven-haired beauty calls dating "challenging," given her hectic touring schedule. She laments that she's sometimes home only about two days per month. Still, she has plenty of admirers on the road.

"I had a fan named Gene who brought a picture of me riding a unicorn -- it was Photoshopped. It's hanging on my wall in my house. It's magnificent!" she gushes. "I also had a fan bring me a stocking filled with chocolate and a stuffed animal that I gave my little dog, Opry. She loves the stuffed animal; it looks like her!"

Fall Into Me is the Texas native's fourth studio album. She'll hit the road this February in support of the new music. See a list of cities and dates where you can see Katie perform live here, and buy her new music here.

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