Justin Moore is living his dream. The Arkansas native has enjoyed a Top 5 album and four Top 20 singles, including his current hit, 'If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away,' as well as a coveted slot on one of the biggest tours of the year, opening for Miranda Lambert on her Revolution tour. But while he admits it took a lot of tenacity and hard work to help him achieve his dream, he gives much of the credit to his wife, Kate.

"We've been really lucky because this year she's been able to come out on the road a lot, since we've got two buses," Justin tells The Boot. "Thank God for that opportunity, so I can see my daughter and my wife more. We've been together nine years, so she's been dealing with me for a long time now. She was there before anyone else cared about my music or what I was doing, so that helps. She's very proud of me. I can't say enough about the support she gives me."

The proud dad welcomed daughter Ella Kole into the world a little over a year ago, and says she has already changed his life for the better. "As a songwriter, we write all the time," he explains. "I've definitely written songs about her. None of them made this album, but she definitely affected it. Indirectly, she affected a lot of songs on the album."

Justin, who hit the road with Miranda and fellow opening act Josh Kelley in February, says the tour is surprisingly very family-friendly. "It's been pretty calm," he maintains. "We've behaved ourselves. No pranks or anything like that. We enjoy a couple adult beverages after the shows, usually every night. [Miranda's] got this old Airstream that she has pulled around to her shows, so a lot of times we'll take a cheap guitar out and enjoy an alcoholic beverage and sing Merle Haggard songs."

Justin will head to Texas to play a few shows this weekend. Keep track of his schedule here.

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