Justin MooreStill riding high off the success of his first No. 1 hit, 'Small Town U.S.A.,' country newcomer Justin Moore recently finished work on his latest video, 'Backwoods,' directed by Kristen Barlowe.

"I'm so excited about this video!" Justin tells CountryForever.com. "It's probably the biggest production we've had on a shoot yet. It's also the first night shoot we've done. Besides that, Kristen is a blast to work with and is extremely talented."

The video was shot south of Nashville and includes jacked-up trucks, a custom camouflage guitar, a big stage, and Justin's band, Double Barrel Ace, as the story line develops with Justin chasing after a preacher's daughter.

"I picked this treatment because it was exactly what I thought the song needed. I'm a fan of not over thinking the video process. 'Small Town U.S.A.' was a prime example. The 'Backwoods' treatment is, for the most part, something you would expect. The more simple, the better for me. I'm a pretty simple guy, and my fans are the same."

The 'Backwoods' video is expected in a few weeks. In January, Justin will join Miranda Lambert on Brad Paisley's last leg of his American Saturday Night tour.